About us

eduGLOBAL is cosmopolitan and rooted in Karlsruhe. A local partner which provides you with expert support on the adventure of learning a language.

We have therefore put together a summary of the major advantages offered by eduGLOBAL, the Karlsruhe language school:

  • We know our customers personally and are happy about each and every visitor!
  • We design our course materials to perfectly meet your requirements,
  • taking our lead from textbooks by the best specialist publishers in the world.
  • Many teachers are employed at eduGLOBAL and they all identify with the school's concept.
  • Although we also place great importance on our teachers coming from one of the countries where the target language is spoken, the academic and didactic requirements we have of our teachers go far beyond just being a native speaker:
  • All the teachers have completed a university degree, followed by didactic postgraduate studies and (additional) training.
  • We follow international standards such as the Common European Framework of Reference (http://europass.cedefop.europa.eu/de/resources/european-language-levels-...). The lessons therefore provide the foundation for passing recognised tests and exams.
  • The personality of the teachers must fit with us and our customers. After all, language is not dry material!